The Schools’ Constitutional Conventions program in Victoria is managed through collaboration between the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD), Social Education Victoria, Catholic Education Office Melbourne, Independent Schools Victoria and the Parliament of Victoria.
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All enquiries about the Schools' Constitutional Conventions Program should be directed in the first instance to projects@sev.asn.auwith the subject line "Schools' Constitutional Conventions Program"

Designed for senior secondary (Years 9-12) students, the program consists of a series of Regional Conventions hosted by government and non-government schools, a State Convention held at Parliament House in October of each year and a National Convention held in Canberra during March or April of the following year. The aims of the program are to provide students with opportunities to explore contemporary political and social issues, promote student understanding of the Australian system of government and demonstrate how the Australian Constitution provides the framework for our democracy.

Prospective host schools will find that a Regional Convention is a wonderful way to engage with the Australian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship framework while linking with their extra-curricular interests and activities. The program has successfully engaged thousands of students from schools across the state and invites participation of students from a range of backgrounds and interests. Although this program is perfect for students of Politics, Legal Studies, Humanities and English, it is also a great opportunity for students with a range of other interests – in particular Social Justice and Civics and Citizenship. The program offers a wonderful chance for public speaking and is a natural fit for schools seeking an authentic and meaningful activity for their student leaders.

The important underlying theme of the program is student involvement and host schools are encouraged to involve students across all stages of the program: the planning, organising and running of the Conventions.

* A copy of the 2014 Schools’ Constitutional Conventions Handbook is available for download HERE


Schools interested in hosting a regional convention may apply for a grant of up to $1000. This grant may be used for presenters, venue hire, time release for teachers, publicity or hospitality. To be eligible for a grant host schools should collaborate with other schools and provide evaluations of the event.

NOTE: A limited number of grants are potentially still available. A link to the application form for DEECD funding for proposed regional conventions is available HERE.

While formally closed, the DEECD welcomes expressions of interest (via the application form) and encourages interested schools to contact the convention program organiser at: with any related queries and for assistance in the development of your regional convention program.**

This site will be updated during 2014 and will provide important contact details, advice on applications for support and further information for interested schools.

Schools' State Constitutional Convention, Parliament House, Melbourne.

Monday 20 October 2014

Students who have demonstrated involvement in the regional convention program, or as part of a similar United Nations or VicSRC event, will be eligible to apply. The State Convention is an action-packed day where students can join their peers from around Victoria in learning about the political environment, debating current issues and sharing ideas and visions for the future. Please refer to the Conventions Handbook, located here, for more information.

*There will be applications forms placed on this site in due course for students to apply to attend this exciting event.*