Previous Model UN Conferences in 2012


Western District Region

Carmel Gove
T 5225 1016

The MUNC was held at Mortlake College on 28th August 2012, with the topic of "Refugees: rights and risks". It was the first MUNC to be held in the region and it was well attended with over 70 students from local schools such as Terang, Derrinallum, Heywood, Hawkesdale, Casterton, Brauer and Portland Colleges. It was reported in the Mortlake Dispatch.

Carmel Gove, Multicultural Project Officer for the Barwon South West region said to the Mortlake Dispatch that:

  • "It was a fantastic learning opportunity for them all. The students researched these topics from their given country’s position and presented opening statements in the General Assembly. They then took part in a caucus session before submitting and voting on amendments which were decided upon through the General Assembly vote.
  • In doing so, students learnt not only about the differences and variety of world views but they also gained knowledge about the manner in which the United Nations actually works.”

Some of the students said that the most beneficial aspects of the day were:
  • Presenting my own position statement and improving my thinking skills
  • Learning about the UN
  • Being able to debate the amendments
  • Learning about other countries and their refugees/problems with refugees

Loddon Mallee Region

Rosaly McNamara
T 5440 3111
Marion Drummond (Eaglehawk SC)

Eaglehawk Secondary hosted the Loddon Mallee Region MUNC at the Bendigo Town Hall on the 14th March 2012. Many schools from the region attended with over 90 students participating in this model UN conference. The Bendigo Advertiser (see left) featured the conference.

The topic was 'there is no place like home: how to address the situation of environmentally displaced persons'. The day proceeded in a mock UN General Assembly. The students began the day nervously, but there ended up lively debates and numerous resolutions being passed.

There was positive feedback from the students from the conference which can read about in more detail.

Hume RegionBSW Model UN Coolage 2.PNG

Heidi Perry
T 5761 2120

Hume hosted a MUNC on 16th May 2012 with the same topic as Loddon Mallee: 'There is no place like home: how to address the situation of environmentally displaced persons'.

Barwon South West Region

Carmel Gove
T 5225 1016
Cheryl Linford (Bellarine SC)
T 5251 9000

Held in the Geelong City Chambers, the BSW Region MUNC took place on the 25th May 2012.

It was a successful event with many students agreeing that their experience at the conference was excellent. There were many beneficial aspects for the students for the day, for example: "getting a feel for how a real UN works", "improving my confidence and public speaking", "to have more of an understanding of current affairs", "stepping out of my comfort zone" and many more.

The students would recommend a MUNC to others "because there aren’t many other opportunities to be involved with real political problems and debates" and
because it is a "great opportunity to widen and improve understanding of global issues".

Northern Metropolitan Region

Angela Minuzz
T 9488 9488
Dominic Byrne
T 9488 9437

  • "Angela and Dominic,
  • The girls had a great time last Thursday and were buzzing all the way back to school.
  • I may even have picked up some additional enrolments to Global Politics for semester 2 on the back of the experience the girls observing had.
  • Hajar & Lolan presented a speech to the school assembly yesterday about their experiences at the Conference.
  • The girls are definitely interested in attending the State Conference. So what do we do next? The girls are eager and want to know the details.
  • Can I thank you for all your hard work in organising the conference and all your positive feedback.
  • Thanks again, George"
  • - Preston Girls Secondary College

The topic for the Northern MUNC was 'How to reconcile climate change and development', it was held on the 24th of May 2012.

More than 100 students filled the conference space at the Hume Global Learning Centre in Broadmeadows to participate in the second NMR Model United Nations Conference.

The Conference was opened by Mariam Haliem a Year 10 student from Thornbury High School, who had participated in the 2011 NMR Model UN as well as State and National Consititutional Conventions. Her message to delgates was to make the most of opportunities and be prepared to stand up and take risks in public forums such as the Model Un as could lead to exciting and rewarding experiences.

Keynote Speaker, Professor Peter Chistoff from the University of Melbourne provided an ecellent overview of the complexities of climate change and development. He urged the richer countries, particualrly the US, Australia and United Arab Emirates to give more thought to the impact their development and privileged place in the world on other countries. Professor Christoff had delegates scrambling to review their 'countries' positions in the light of world statistics on wealth, population and carbon emissions.

The very first question to Professor Christoff led to the lights being turned off as they saw as a tangible contribution to the Conference could make to climate change.

Having represented Australia on committees at the United Nations, Secretary General John Fien from RMIT was well placed to manage proceedings. The delegates, for this day at least, would walk in the shoes of another country and have to grapple with the challenges of international diplomacy and trying to reach consensus.

Delegates presented their countries position and their likely vote on the
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. They were able to assess who might be friendly or who could be a foe in the debate to come. Alliances were formed and blocks created. There were many resolutions passed which can be read about in
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Students and teachers may wish to view the program of the day, the
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and feedback from both students and teachers.