Model UN Conferences in 2012

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  • "Participants step into the shoes of country ambassadors and draw on negotiation and diplomacy skills to ensure their views are heard. Throughout the conference day they have the opportunity to interact with other ambassadors during the caucus sessions, present their country‚Äôs position to the Assembly and move amendments to the Resolution and its specific recommendations." - UNAA Victoria Division

A Model United Nations conference is a full day activity that invites students to approach a contemporary global issue from the point of view of another country.

Structured as a mock session of the UN General Assembly, students work in teams to prepare a position statement which they present to their peers, followed by an opportunity to ask questions of each other and debate the motions put forward.

The most important session of the day is the Amendment session where students, representing their countries, debate and vote on any changes they would like to see made to the Conference Resolution (modelled after a formal UN document). Students are engaged in the issues at hand through presentations in the morning by guest speakers. and guided throughout the day's proceedings by a Secretary General.

These conferences are organised in conjunction with the UNAA Victoria, a non-profit, non-government community organisation working to promote the aims and ideals of the United Nations. The UNAA provides teachers with close support and assistance from the initial stages of deciding upon a conference topic to the provision of a Delegate pack which students use to prepare themselves for the day.

The program engages students in a unique, constructive and interactive educational process which focuses on global and multicultural citizenship. social responsibility and student voice. Students develop skills which are fundamental for active citizens and future leaders.

There have been numerous events already held in 2012 with great success. We have featured them on our previous events page. Our feature picture is from Barwon South West's great event in May.

Students who attend MUNCs are eligible to attend our State Constitutional Convention on 15th October 2012, check out our applicaiton page.

For students who will be attending a MUNC, please check out our resources page for great ideas and links.

Upcoming events

Stay tuned for upcoming MUNCs in 2013!